Author: cgray
Date: Oct, 23

Web Design and Development

Every business, big or small, needs a website to represent the business. It has the potential to add credibility to your business if handled well. It becomes an extension of your business for engaging and attracting customers. A well built website is appealing to look at, easy to navigate, and interactive. The more the site reflects your business, the more effective it becomes with reaching your target market. It should also be optimized for search engines like Google to improve your search engine ratings.

Our specialty is in customized websites that are database driven, provide automated integration with social media, are Search Engine Optimized, and allow you to easily maintain the information on the site yourself. We are programmers who can custom build any web-based tool needed to accomplish your business goals. Modern websites require knowledge in a minimum of five programming languages to be effective: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. Be sure that your web developer is well versed in these languages and is staying up to date on internet trends.

Virtual Tours

We have all heard of virtual tours for real estate companies. What most people do not know is that this technology has more potential than how it is being used. Virtual tours can be used anywhere from real estate to museum exhibits to touring a shopping center. In the past, virtual tours consisted of individual pictures that through a house or business. At Plexamedia, we have taken a different and more immersive approach. All of our tours involve complete 360 degree pictures that are interactive. A customer can see a room in its entirety and interact with it via hot spots. This approach has a track record of engaging customers and keeping them on a site longer, which translates into a higher number of sales.

We will handle the entire process of creating and publishing the virtual tours from taking the photographs to optimizing the image quality to creating the tour and publishing it. Your tour can be published to an existing website, or we can host the tour on our own server. If you do not have a website and want one to host the virtual tour, we can help you with that as well. Welcome to the one-stop-shop for virtual tours.

Social Media Consulting

Social media is here to stay, but the term “social media” is extremely broad. It started with blogs but has evolved to encompass much more. Facebook revolutionized the reach social media has on the internet, and every day companies are pushing more marketing towards outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Blogger, Google+, etc.

Social media is now the preferred method of marketing. The reason for this is that social media provides a two way, interactive marketing approach. Traditional marketing is a one way street where a message is sent out to customers via print media, billboards, commercials, radio advertisement, etc with no immediate feedback from the customer. That same message sent out via social media is now commented on by fans, shared with the fan’s friends, and can reach a much larger audience in a much shorter amount of time for a much smaller cost. The more interactive the message, the more people the message reaches. Only through social media is this possible.

At Plexamedia, we understand how social media works and what needs to be done to take advantage of it. We can create applications for Facebook and automated social media integration with your website. Take hold of the opportunity social media provides, and let us help direct you and provide you the tools to make you successful in your campaign.

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